5 Drawings in 5 Minutes with Eric Friedensohn

If you had to give up 🍞bread or 🧀cheese which would you choose? The first episode of #5DrawingsIn5Minutes is Live.

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If you had to give up bread of cheese. Which would you choose?

Eric: Think I have to give up the cheese. I'm too I'm too obsessed with bagels and pizza. People think they need the cheese and they can do without the sauce. The sauce for me is the most important ingredient. Pizza without the cheese. Still pizza.

What is your sign?

Eric: I am a Scorpio and also a lobster. A lot of people have negative connotation with Scorpio. I am like very risk taking and passionate and kind of ruthless in some ways. Empathetic, and I think I'm a leader in terms of the way I interact in a group of people. Scorpio, baby!

If you were making a pizza. What toppings would you choose?

Eric: It has to be edible, right? Like cheese, mushrooms? No, uh, I should get more creative with it. Right. I put gold. I could put a school on it. Pepperoni people. I put mushrooms and smiley faces and some love.

What is your favorite letter to draw?

Eric: S. People hate this letter, but it's the most organic letter. Which means it's like sometimes the hardest to draw. But it's also the most fun to draw if you can do it.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

Eric: Go for the sushi, baby. Oh, yeah.

Thank you!

Big thank you to Eric for being a part of the 5 Drawings in 5 Minutes series. If you haven't already definitely check out his full podcast episode here.

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