Where to Find Creative Internships - Top 10 Websites

Our go-to list for designers, illustrators, photographers, artists and more.

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When you are first looking for a creative internship that is the right work environment and creative space for you and your art it can be tricky to know where to start. There are so many websites, job boards, and networking events out there, how do you pick and choose which ones are the best for you and your potential career?

Here are some of the most popular websites that offer the best job boards, networking opportunities and resources for employers and job seekers alike!

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Behance
  3. AIGA
  4. WorkingNotWorking
  5. Coroflot
  6. Dribbble
  7. It’s Nice That
  8. TopTal
  9. Art Jobs
  10. Authentic Jobs

First start with the basics. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Perfect Creative Internship to learn the value of an internship, how it can lead to a promising career and how to get started on your search. Once your resume and cover letter are ready, use this article as a resource and scroll down through our list of creative websites to find exactly where and who to send them to.

  • LinkedIn
    The “go to” for every working professional in this day and age, no matter the industry. There thousands of job and internship postings that are offered here daily. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you should have get on that- right now.
  • Behance
    Here you can not only showcase your portfolio, but you can also check out their job board which has creative job and internship postings from all over the world.
  • AIGA Design Jobs
    This site boasts over 25,000 members and is the oldest creative designer job opportunity platform on the web.
  • WorkingNotWorking
    Here you will be able to read the WorkingNotWorking magazine which is filled with interviews, how to guides, industry news, and pretty much everything you need to help you get a creative internship or entry level job. You also have access to the job board to find talent,  hiring businesses and brands. 
  • Coroflot
    Here you will find opportunities and resources to fill your little design dedicated heart! There are past projects from other designers you can check out, internship and job opportunities you can pursue and a salary tab that allows you to see what other creative professionals in your industry are earning.
  • Dribbble
    Love design? Looking for a more specific opportunity within a certain field? Dribbble organizes its design opportunities by category. This includes typography, animation, print, branding, product design, mobile, web design and illustration.
  • It’s Nice That
    First established in 2007, this newer site covers a lot of different areas for budding creative professionals including art, design and photography. There is also a space where you can show off your portfolio.
  • TopTal
    The go-to site for finding “elite” independent contractors and freelance creatives. It is a rapidly growing freelance network that is solid start for starting your professional creative career.
  • Art Jobs
    This is the perfect site for creatives searching for that next exciting opportunity. Their job postings cross multiple industries and channels so that they have something for every soon-to-be or existing creative professional out there. You can filter your search by location, type, category and tags.
  • Authentic Jobs
    Here you will find the big guns like Apple, New York Times, and Twitter, to name a few. Creative professionals rely on this site to see what’s new and happening in their field, you can too!


You may be able to connect with a company’s representative, hiring manager or employee at a community event built for their fans or potential employees. This could include a comic convention, a book fair, an art opening, a university job fair or alumni event, a networking social, etc. 

Make sure your follow the brand’s or company’s social media outlets to find out when these events are happening. There are also networking sites like meetup, which will allow you to find these events locally or across the world.

Bonus Tip!

If you haven’t found the opportunity for you from any of these sites or events, have no fear! Another great starting point is taking a peek at companies, media outlets and brands that you already love. They may be offering internship opportunities on their own websites or there may be a contact page that can allow you to get in touch with someone directly to find out what kind of mentorship or internship programs are offered. 

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