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We speak to creative heroes and industry professionals about their past present and everything in between to better understand how to grow in the creative industry.

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How This Started?

Have you ever or currently work a full-time job in the creative industry and go home after a full day of work feeling unfulfilled? Do you daydream of working on bigger and better projects on your own terms? These were some of the exact thoughts I had before I started what I now call Wellfed.

My name is Jon Sorrentino and around 2016 I started making cooking videos and photographing food in my kitchen apartment as a way to expand my skills as a designer. At the time I had been working a job that many would’ve considered a dream when jreality it started to cause a lot of stress in my life. I was creating work that was being seen by friends and the world but I felt like I was getting nowhere in my career.

At the time, cooking and trying new recipes was a way for me to step away from my day-to-day responsibilities and relax. The kitchen became very much happy place for me to experiment and try new ways of creating. After spending some time producing short videos for Instagram stories. I realized that I wanted to stay out of the food world and make something that had more to do with design and creativity. After about a week of thinking it over, I decided that I wanted to take the concept of satisfying your hunger and combine it with the passion for creating. And that is how I started Wellfed.

Podcast Guests
Season 3
  • Coming soon...
Season 2
  • Eric Friedensohn
  • Rich Tu
  • Jacquelyn DeJesu Center
  • Danny Owens
  • Verena Michelitsch
  • Carly Ayres
  • Sebastian Speier
  • Alex Center
Season 1
  • Jeremy Cohen
  • Zach Mack
  • Lydia Pang
  • Katie Hector
  • Rebecca Johnson & Rowen McDermott
  • Jeremy Perez-Cruz
  • Vincent Conti
  • Evan Sung
  • Alex Lau
  • Magnus Atom
  • Amber Vittoria
Jon Sorrentino
Designer and Founder of Wellfed
Kevin Bendis
Audio Engineer & Music
Eric Faimon
Video Editor